IntellaFlex XR Chassis

The IntellaFlex XR intelligent network monitoring switch is the next generation of APCON's traffic visibility technology. It is designed for scalable, high-capacity, reliable data aggregation and filtering, which increases tool efficiency and lowers enterprise monitoring costs.

The IntellaFlex XR family provides a unified network monitoring solution that scales from small to very large enterprise networks and datacenters. With up to 504 monitoring ports per system, high availability, and integrated advanced visibility features - IntellaFlex XR systems provide industry leading scalability.

IntellaFlex XR leverages state-of-the-art monitoring technology and a 5.04Tbps switch fabric for complete network visibility and enterprise growth.

Specifications and Technical Data


Newly Released
IntellaFlex 3504-XR


IntellaFlex 3288-XR



IntellaFlex 3144-XR


IntellaFlex 3072-XR


IntellaFlex 3036-XR