IntellaPatch® Series 2000 Chassis

The IntellaPatch Series 2000 family of physical layer switches is based on a modular design that allows network administrators and engineers to manage multiple protocols and data rates in a single chassis.

Variety of Protocols
APCON offers the Series 2000 blades in the following protocols: Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH and other protocols which include FDDI, Multi-Rate - Multi-Protocol, DS3/E3/STS-1 and ESCON. Each hot-swappable blade uses either SFP/XFP transceivers or RJ45/RJ48c/mini-BNC connectors, giving users a flexible solution for Layer-1 connectivity and switching.

Scalable and Configurable System
One of the benefits of a bladed system is that each switch chassis can be populated with different blades. For example, an IntellaPatch 64 chassis can be managed as a single device while housing four different blades: SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel and copper Ethernet. This hot-swappable design provides a flexible connectivity platform ideal for use in lab environments where engineers need to test multiple protocols and data rates. The scalable architecture of IntellaPatch allows for the accommodation of future port capacities and data rates. In addition, the bladed switch provides a cost effective means of media conversion, such as copper to fiber or multimode to single-mode.

Series 2000 Chassis

IntellaPatch 2000
144 Port Switch Chassis

  • Supports nine blades in 6 RU 

IntellaPatch 2000
64 port Switch Chassis

  • Supports four blades in 4 RU 

IntellaPatch 2000
32 Port Switch Chassis


  • Supports two blades in 2 RU 

IntellaPatch 2000

  • Supports one blade in 1 RU