IntellaPatch® Series 3000 Chassis

The IntellaPatch® 3000 switch family is made for data center network monitoring and large test lab environments. IntellaPatch features high capacity and scalable architecture, offering chassis sizes from 1RU to 8RU, with up to 288 Ports of non-blocking, any-to-any connectivity. It is a highly available, low-latency, any-to-any switch for Ethernet network monitoring or multi-protocol, cross-connect test lab applications.

Enterprise and network monitoringEnterprise Network Monitoring
IntellaPatch 3000 supports network monitoring applications ranging from 100Mbps copper up to 40Gbps optical. In network monitoring applications, the IntellaPatch system can act as a simple cross connect, or with supported IntellaFlex blades, include additional network monitoring features such as aggregation, filtering, any-to-any forwarding and load balancing.

Multi-Protocol Cross Connect
IntellaPatch 3000 includes low latency cross connect of multiple protocols including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, FDDI, and OC-192/OC-48/OC-12/OC-3 for test lab environments. A wide range of blades and protocols makes IntellaPatch an excellent choice for electronic or optical connectivity and cross-connect in large test lab environments.

Series 3000 Chassis

IntellaPatch 3288


IntellaPatch 3144-XE
ACI-3144 XE

IntellaPatch 3072-XE
ACI-3072 XE

IntellaPatch 3036