Intelligent Network Monitoring Systems

In the standard network monitoring paradigm, each monitoring point in the network is associated with a specific analysis, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, or recording tool. In many cases, there is no specifically assigned tool and a portable analyzer is moved between monitoring ports for temporary use.

Intelligent Network Monitoring involves many advanced monitoring features developed to support 100% network visibility:

Packet aggregation is simply the merging of multiple data streams from SPANs and Taps, creating a single unified data stream that can be routed to a monitoring tool. The APCON IntellaPatch Series 3000 configured with IntellaFlex port blades supports this advanced monitoring service.

Packet slicing and packet de-duplication have been designed to clean up an aggregated data stream and reduce the volume of data delivered to a given monitoring tool. In many cases only the packet header is analyzed, so packet slicing removes the packet payload, delivering only the required data. Packet de-duplication removes duplicate copies of packets that are generated by SPAN and Tap data sources.

Time stamping has been developed to allow network engineers to precisely measure network latency on a packet-by-packet basis. Latency-sensitive services such as high-speed stock trading, VoIP, and video streaming all require a network monitoring system that can accurately measure latency.

Data rate conversion, filtering, and load-balancing allow you to monitor 10G links with less expensive 1G tools. By filtering out irrelevant packets, changing the data rate, and dividing a high-bandwidth data stream among several similar tools, equipment purchases may be delayed or eliminated.



Apcon - Span Ports and Taps

  • Complete network visibility

  • Increased tool performance

  • Prevention of tool oversubscription

  • Decreased tool CPU, Memory and Disk I/O

  • Increased tool storage duration

  • 10G Networks to 1G Tools

  • Convert media interfaces

  • Modify network flows to tools remotely

  • Improve problem resolution times

  • Establish end-to-end network
    visibility across both physical and
    virtual interfaces

 Aggregation and Filtering

Aggregation and Filtering

Through data aggregation, filtering, slicing and deduplication, the APCON chassis & blade solutions optimize network traffic for analysis tools.