Management Software

WebXR and WebX are web-based graphical interfaces to build, save, view and recall device connections between SPANs/TAPs and monitoring tools using intuitive, Visio-like diagrams. WebXR is the fifth generation of switch provisioning software built upon the award-winning WebX embedded switch software. WebXR is specifically designed for the new highly scalable Series 3000 XR switches, delivering intuitive provisioning of large, high port count and network monitoring architectures. WebXR is easy to use and simplifies provisioning of high port count systems.

  • Drag and drop diagramming screen
  • Global View screen for managing connections and organizing diagrams
  • Source port sharing
  • Port tagging labels ingress traffic
  • Import/export filters
  • Embedded software - no installation required
  • Web accessible

TitanXR provides a single, centralized point of management for network monitoring in a multi-switch environment. With TitanXR, you can share expensive analysis devices throughout your network.

  • Multi-system management software
  • Web accessible interface
  • Single screen access to all systems
  • Customize graphs and dashboards
  • Manage system-to-system trunking
  • User authentication and management
  • Schedule software updates and configuration backups