The GigaVUE-2404 is a mid-density Traffic Visibility Node for 10Gb networks. Housed in a low profile 2RU chassis, the GigaVUE-2404 aggregates, filters and replicates traffic flows across multiple passive security and monitoring tools. It is a powerful 10Gb network aggregator capable of full line rate performance.

The modular design allows network managers to deploy the exact number of ports necessary to fit their requirements.

The base chassis houses eight 10 Gb ports and four 1Gb ports and scales to a maximum of twenty-four 10Gb ports.

Multiple GigaVUE-2404 nodes can be stacked together or with existing GigaVUE-420 devices into a much bigger virtual GigaVUE fabric of over 200 ports, running in either a master-slave or star configuration. GigaVUE-2404 Traffic Visibility Nodes are designed for compatibility with traffic coming from the GigaVUE-420.

The GigaVUE-2404 is also available with NEBS certification

Number of 10Gb Ports:   (24)SFP+

Number of 1Gb Ports:     (4) SFP

Quick Specs

  • 2RU modular chassis
  • GigaSMART traffic intelligence
  • Support for 1Gb and 10Gb interfaces

Features & Benefits

  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Aggregate 10Gb links to 1Gb or 10Gb tools
  • Intelligently filter via the G-VUE web GUI or CLI
  • Replicate traffic to multiple tools
  • Solutions for monitoring asynchronously routed traffic

Use Cases

  • Packet aware 10Gb network monitoring
  • Isolate & capture sessions across parallel links & switches
  • Share span ports between multiple IT teams
  • Filter and customize session based data flows to each tool
  • Divide large loads across multiple monitoring tools

GigaSMART Technology

Gigamon's GigaSMART technology solves visibility challenges holistically with a platform-based architectural approach to enhance monitoring and improve tool performance. A range of features are available to enable the modification, manipulation, transformation, and transport of traffic to the tools you rely upon for management, monitoring, and security.