The GigaVUE-420 Traffic Visibility Network Node supports 10/100/1000 & 10Gig Ethernet. GigaVUE-420 aggregates, filters, and replicates traffic flows across multiple security and monitoring tools. Hardware filters based on any pattern in the 128-byte header may be enabled to eliminate unwanted packets. The GigVUE-420 modular design allows network professionals to deploy the exact number of ports necessary to fit their requirements.

The GigaVUE-420 enables the Traffic Visibility Network to unobtrusively monitor the production network. The GigaVUE-420 provides out-of-band ports for passive monitoring tools. Tools may be added without affecting the network, at any hour without configuration management review. Multiple GigaVUE-420 systems can be stacked to create a 222 port Data Access Network. All ports can be configured as network or tool ports.

Quick Specs

  • 1RU compact copper-based chassis
  • Optional expansion modules

Features & Benefits

  • Any-to-Any connectivity
  • Aggregate 10G links to 1G tools
  • Intelligently filter via the G-VUE web GUI or CLI
  • Replicate traffic to multiple tools
  • Solutions for monitoring asynchronously routed traffic

Use Cases

  • Packet aware 10G network monitoring
  • Isolate & capture sessions across parallel links & switches
  • Share scarce span ports between multiple tools
  • Filter and customize data flows to each tool
  • Divide large loads across multiple tools