Modular, Multi-Purpose Visibility Fabric Node

Visibility increasingly requires multiple components such as TAPs, filtering, aggregation, replication and intelligent packet modification. Port density and scalability are now considered standard requirements; the future is to do more within each node. The GigaVUE-HC2 fabric node addresses this challenge with its modular, multi-purpose design.

The GigaVUE-HC2 node provides intelligent traffic visibility in a modular, mid-sized form factor to address complex network visibility requirements for both enterprise and service provider networks.

The versatile, multi-purpose design incorporates a broad spectrum of capabilities within the device including port, bypass, embedded TAP modules and GigaSMART packet manipulation options. With a combined throughput exceeding 1Tb, the node easily accommodates non-blocking port speeds of 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, and 100Gb.

The GigaVUE-HC2 node future-proofs IT, scaling as network needs evolve. It accommodates thousands of map rules and features some of the industry's highest-density line cards, all in a compressed form factor.

Multiple nodes may be clustered together with other GigaVUE H Series devices to create a collective solution. Traffic is available to or from any connection across the cluster, scaling to thousands of ports. GigaVUE-FM provides customizable dashboards and wizards to view, configure, and manage the Visibility FabricT from a single pane-of-glass view.

The GigaVUE fabric nodes work together to create an intelligent and pervasive Unified Visibility Fabric to aggregate, replicate, and filter traffic flows from across broad networks to the appropriate, centralized management, monitoring or security systems.

Quick Specs

  • 2RU compact, modular multi-purpose chassis
  • Inline bypass for security applications
  • Embedded TAPs
  • GigaSMART traffic intelligence
  • Cluster capable
  • Support for 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, and 100Gb interfaces

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-purpose, modular design integrates high-density ports, TAPs, and intelligent packet capabilities into a single node intended to reduce overall capital and operating expenditures
  • Mid-sized form factor compresses dozens of ports into a small footprint, saving space, power, and cooling
  • Physical and logical bypass modules protect traffic and inline tools, making the overall system more efficient and robust
  • Embedded TAP modules consolidate secure access points in a compressed and compressed within the node for immediate backplane connectivity
  • Intelligent Flow Mapping enables complex traffic forwarding decisions at wire-speed performance
  • Optional GigaSMART technology provides packet modification with features and applications including GTP Correlation, FlowVUET, de-duplication, Adaptive Packet Filtering, slicing, header stripping, masking, SSL Decryption and advanced tunneling

Use Cases

  • Data Center deployments requiring visibility across multiple groups sharing TAP and SPAN ports
  • Telco 4G/LTE environments facing Big Data challenges
  • University and research centers monitoring complicated infrastructures
  • Government agencies protecting information as a matter of national security
  • Secured environments requiring SSL Decryption
  • Healthcare IT organizations securing advanced medical systems while tracking compliance
  • Financial institutions complying with changing regulations and expanding customer bases
  • Any infrastructure requiring active visibility to enable proactive monitoring

GigaSMART Technology

Gigamon's GigaSMART technology solves visibility challenges holistically with a platform-based architectural approach to enhance monitoring and improve tool performance. A range of features is available to enable the modification, manipulation, transformation, and transport of traffic to the tools you rely upon for management, monitoring, and security.