nGenius® Performance Manager
nGenius® Performance Manager is an enterprise class software solution that monitors the performance of networks and applications running throughout the global infrastructure.

Derived from a wide range of infrastructure devices including nGenius Probes, nGenius Performance Manager information is made available to the help desk, executive management, and third-party management systems through auto-updating, live console, web-based reporting and active performance alarming.

The nGenius Solution is based on the unique CDM architecture that collects, stores, and processes network statistics from a broad range of infrastructure devices. The result is the presentation of a complete, detailed picture of network performance across local and remote offices.

Using data from probes, routers, switches, and other flow-based information sources, such as NetFlow, nGenius Performance Manager helps users understand network performance by monitoring applications and provides a complete picture of all factors that explain the network's performance.

nGenius Performance Manager offers:
  • Advanced application recognition
  • Complete network visibility
  • Interactive data presentation console
  • Task-oriented data visualization
  • Pre-configured and customizable report content
  • Extendible content delivery
  • Performance alarming and event notification
  • Packet-level data analysis
  • Enterprise ready architecture
  • Disaster recovery via Standby Server
  •   nGenius Performance Manager Screen Gallary (Click images to enlarge)

    BandWidth Analysis

    High Utilization


    Application Usage

    Remote Locations


    Voice over IP Services

    Application Response


    Slow Network Response

    Inappropriate Network Usage