Service Assurance for Cloud Applications


Test Access to Critical Services Anytime.
nGeniusPULSE uses synthetic or "active" testing to verify the availability and performance of the private and public cloud applications and services your users need. Automatically and routinely simulate real user actions, testing the network, apps and services – even when no users are on the system.

... From Anywhere
With nGeniusPULSE network and application testing, you can measure key network and business services no matter how the service is deployed or where the user is located.

Gain Visibility
nGeniusPULSE gives you visibility to SaaS and cloud-based services, including cloud-hosted VoIP services. With that visibility, you have data to validate SLA compliance with SaaS vendors. You can identify problem domains and respond quickly to keep business users connected and productive. Use the easy-to-read dashboards to see test results and trends by the service tested or by the test locations, and get alerts when performance thresholds are not met. You can even create custom tests for the metrics important to your organization.



Test Applications and Web Services

Business users rely on multiple applications every day – many that are services hosted in the cloud or provided by SaaS vendors.
Use nGeniusPULSE to:

  • Quickly check the current availability and performance of any URL
  • Use time intervals to measure performance and generate performance history
  • Set thresholds of acceptable network and application performance and receive alerts when levels aren't met
  • Actively test network availability and latency
  • Identify problem domain with visual indicators to speed problem resolution
  • Keep an eye on SaaS SLAs
Measure Cloud applications and SaaS services
Measure Cloud applications and SaaS services

Test VoIP Services

Business users need consistent connectivity and call quality to communicate. In a growing number of organizations, this means relying on cloud-hosted VoIP services.
Use nGeniusPULSE to:

  • Verify VoIP service availability from every site
  • Monitor VoIP service ability to place external and internal peer-to-peer calls
  • Monitor call-center auto-attendant services
  • Evaluate VoIP provider performance
  • Receive alters on VoIP service degradations and outages to act before user calls are disrupted

Test from Anywhere

Business users can work from anywhere. IT needs to test availability and performance from a wide variety of locations and needs deployment options, called Pulses, that best fit the unique environment.

Netscout Pulse 2000 uses PoEnGeniusPULSE offers two deployment options, called "Pulses," to perform synthetic tests. It is easy to start testing; just deploy Pulses in user locations or on user devices - virtually anywhere!

NETSCOUT Pulse 2000

Virtual PULSE

Create Custom Tests

Your organization and IT team may want to test additional network indicators based on your unique environment. nGeniusPULSE allows you to write and import scripts and create custom tests.

Use nGeniusPULSE Custom Tests to:

Create custom tests for additional metrics
Create custom tests for additional metrics


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