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Dedicated hardware-based distributed intelligent data sources that generate key network metrics utilized by the nGenius Service Assurance Solution.

Network management, engineering and operations professionals face a vast array of complicated network issues that must be addressed quickly and efficiently in order to effectively deliver network applications and services to the end user. Dependence on the network to support key business functions is ever increasing as more users, bandwidth-hungry applications, services and devices are constantly being added to the network. As the network environment constantly evolves, the need for detailed flow/packet analysis for all applications, services and network devices becomes more important than ever.

nGenius Probes deliver detailed information to the nGenius Service Assurance Solution to provide a clear understanding of how the network is evolving. These dedicated hardware-based monitoring devices are distributed at key aggregation points within the network and work with the nGenius Service Assurance Solution :

  • Generates key performance metrics, such as traffic, application and service utilization, conversations, error conditions, resource utilization, response time and data captures on physical and virtual links
  • Supports the monitoring of load-balanced or redundant links
  • Provides comprehensive application recognition by tracking complex, custom, web-based and peer-to-peer applications and services via CDM port technology
  • Features
    Application recognition and monitoring
    Track well-known, custom-developed, complex and web-based applications and services to provide an all-encompassing view of the application and service landscape

    Network visibility – Flexible configurations support common and emerging network technologies and provide detailed data for both physical and virtual networks (VPNs, DLCIs, PVCs and QoS groups)

    Response time analysis – Support passive response time measurements for virtually all applications and services to provide early detection of application/service degradation and quality of experience (QoE) issues

    Convergence management – View voice, video and data metrics in the same easy-to-use workspace providing a holistic view of the network environment

    Alarming and event notification – Receive real-time notifications for threshold violations as well as Power alarms with millisecond resolution to quickly detect and begin investigating the root cause of complex network issues