ProfiShark 100M - Your comprehensive solution for deep 10/100 network analysis


The ProfiShark 100M is an industry favorite when it comes to Ethernet Troubleshooting. This steadfast, signature device is designed for both regular Ethernet and Real-Time Industrial Internet and offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for tapping into your network when you need it most.

The ProfiShark 100M is rooted proudly in ultra-compact design and a truly signature build. This straightforward solution allows for unparalleled network monitoring. It sees and monitors all 7 OSI layers, while capturing and aggregating full-duplex traffic at wirespeed (200 Mb/s). This instrument leverages minimalism and simplicity; requiring a single USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s) port and boasting a seamless setup that requires mere seconds to complete.

The ProfiShark 100M keeps an eye on your network with no point of failure and with 100% total network visibility; providing the ideal tool for 10/100 Industrial Network Testing and Monitoring. The ProfiShark 100M is a universal tool for daily network troubleshooting and is perfect for the analysis of regular IP Networks and Industrial Network Protocols running ProfiNET, Real Time, IRT, or other standard communication, or automation networks.


  • Full-duplex aggregation on USB 2.0
  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Zero network latency
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Bypass data on power failure, no packet loss
  • Galvanic separation for maximum protection
  • Displays MAC Faults for sniffers
  • Monitors all protocol levels
  • CRC error frames capture
  • Completely 802.3af & VoIP compliant
  • Ultra-compact; only 24x55x102mm
  • USB powered; no adaptor required
  • Industry Tested via major analysis & monitoring systems
  • 5 ns timestamp + converter tool
  • MAC/IP Filter Mechanic + SetUp tool included


Simply plug the ProfiShark 100M in, connect to your laptop/PC with a USB cable, select Profitap as source and run your analysis. A simple, yet complete setup process is one of the many things that Profitap customers come to both adore, and expect.


Our ProfiShark 100M works flawlessly with a wide array of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and BSD.


The Timestamp feature allows for the real-time analysis of aggregated and buffered traffic. It can measure latencies with nanosecond resolution.

General Application

The ProfiShark 100M is designed to work with 3rd party software including the following: Wireshark, OmniPeek (WildPackets), Observer (Network Instruments) and more. The included USB key holds the necessary drivers and powerful analysis software you'll need to get started.