ProfiShark 1G+

ProfiShark 1G+ is a handheld plug and play device dedicated to Gigabit Ethernet monitoring. ProfiShark 1G+ combines the award-winning, best-selling ProfiShark 1G with added GPS and PPS functionalities, for advanced timestamping.

ProfiShark 1G+ is equivalent to a 10/100/1G aggregator tap and two 1 Gbps NICs. All-in-one in a pocket-sized box, the only additional hardware required being a laptop or desktop PC with a free USB 3.0 port.

As it is based on USB 3.0 (5 Gbps), the ProfiShark 1G+ manages full-duplex gigabit at wirespeed, without the bottleneck of an aggregator tap. It also surpasses all standard NICs in capture mode, as it catches any tag and encapsulation without altering the frames.

ProfiShark 1G+’s GPS timestamping feature allows real time analysis of aggregated and buffered traffic. It can tag packets with UTC-based, GPS-linked, nanosecond resolution timestamps (typical 16 ns precision). A PPS input is also possible for increased NTP-based timestamp precision.

ProfiShark 1G+ provides field engineers with the same advanced, acclaimed features that have come to be expected of the ProfiShark series, and pushes them one step further with higher timestamping precision.