As Your Service Partner
Network and Application Fault and Performance Management have been our key business focus in the past years. We are ready to apply that expertise to your networks to satisfy your need in any stages of the project lifecycle. Together with the state-of-the-art tools for, infrastructure performance monitoring, application monitoring, protocol analysis, RMON, network and application testing, we can help you meet your services need on time and under budget.

Network Service and Performance Audit
Provide an in-depth picture of your network performance status, which involves our experienced consultant attending site with a range of analysis and monitoring tools to collate and objectively analyze network and/or system information. Audits can be catered for few segments, or enterprise infrastructure that spanned across multiple locations. The deliverable is essential for capacity planning, trend analysis, or any decision requiring an informed understanding of your network.

Network Fault Isolation
Provide precise and objective advice and fact-based analysis to help you narrow down the problem in most effective and prompt way.

Network Testing
Tests can be customized for any network and application environment, to achieve your specific criteria on traffic simulation and measurement, network design verification, proof of concept and etc.

Network Device Testing
Benchmark your core network equipment's performance against its specification. Tests can cover throughput, latency, packet loss rate and back-to-back.

Application Load Test
Based on industry leading automated load testing solution to stress your entire enterprise system by emulating the behavior of real users. The test is critical to understand your systems' real capacity and service level, and pinpoint the bottleneck of application performance issues for fine-tuning purpose.

Application Performance Audit
Monitor, detect and diagnose your business critical application performance problems to ensure a positive end-user experience. Monitoring can be in passive or proactive approach, and can be tailored for complex business transactions.

We can design customized program that meets your specific needs. Training curriculum cover technologies and solutions for Enterprise Performance Management, RMON, Protocol Analysis, Application Monitoring and Testing. We aim at increasing the knowledge base of your IT staffs, creating a valuable asset.